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Default Scope heigth ratio

I have a few questions about the height of the telescopic sight nount (scope axis to barrel axis).
I know that higher it is the more long ranges shooting will be easier (flatter trajectory and less clicks) but for the short ranges the trajectory will be less flat.

I also know that the adaptation of the gun to the shooter morphology is very important. Normally over the shooter is tall over the scope height should be important.

Today I'm shooting with 65 mm and I'm 1.86m tall
and I think is too low. ( not sure) I think 90mm will be better for me but i'm afraid that's introdiuse to much canting error.

I'd like to know what is the scope height that you use and how munch you'r tall or to be less indiscreet ( intrusive ) what is your body size/ scope height ratio

For me it's 1860/65 = 28.6

Thank you in advance

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