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I happen to be the chap you are talking about! So before you jump to conclusions and writing your posts, maybe you should get all your facts correct.

You txt me saying that you where interested in the gun and if I would bring to Emily moor on Saturday.

This was a fair request but due to work this was not possible, which happens to be main reason for sale, so I said "if you like I will ask mark or jack to bring it to Emily moor on Saturday for me"

You replied " I am interested but knowing the age of the pt I would like to make sure it groups ok.

Which is fine so I replied "i have just moved to bradford bd20 *** there are alot of fields near am sure we can find somewhere for you to try "

We have just moved house close to a very large farm where my wife keeps her horses! The owner of said farm gave me PERMISSION to show anyone who wanted to buy the gun that it fired correctly!!!!

The last txt I recived " eh? your joking right! It's ok al give it a miss.

Instead of asking me if I had permission to shoot in these field you simply sent me a snotty txt!
Like I said get your facts correct before writing things like this!

But Don't worry about me walking amongst you! As I sold the gun to a nice chap off hear called jay
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