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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
But although you can't group below 1/2 Moa I bet you can tell if you are 1/2 Moa high or low. Either the group is high, level or low.
I don't know.. Suppose the best group I can consistently shoot is 1 MoA at 55 yards (about 1/2 inch) but the best group the pellet can theoretically shoot is 1/2 MoA. Could I tell the difference in group sizes with a pellet that's capable of 1/4 MoA group or not?.. I'm guessing probably not, since I've got 1/2 MoA pilot error in the mixture.

But, what I am seeing is the potential for nearly 2 MoA less windage with the pellet that's capable of a sub 1/4 MoA group. (5mph at 90 degrees)

Not entirely sure - I've got a stinking head cold today and I'm struggling to think straight let alone shoot.. I think there's some theory there though that supports a greater difference in drift than vertical POI - but only with higher fps and potentially tighter spread too.
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