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Default Swefta Rd 7 @ Dartmoore

Preperation is everything....................

At least saturday produced results in the pellet testing field, or to be more prescise, Tunnel

Pretty close between the contenders but yes, Pufferfish was spot on and 34 Edged it. infact, i surprised myself by doing two dones out of three @ 50m

Untied nations wedding of Eastenders, Pobol Y Cwm and Connor impersonators meant another late night.
so this mornings 5 am road trip start time was closer to a knackered 7am!
No 1 son was with me today and I have to say it was a great day out for us, even though I shot crap again.

REV was in no 2 Case, so was no 2 stock and no 1 scope. Die 34 unwrapped especially for today

I did not have time or inclination to clean barrel, i had done it yesterday and reconed about 80-100 pellets went through so 20 on the zero range and and another 40 down range seemed ok.

Dartmoore is a nice set up. Parking is good, zero range very good and Blueberry muffins, second to none!

Partnered up with Frank and i think we were last on the Ft course. I know by the time came off Zero range Nigel Street had already finished with a 38, he could give Little Kev and Booby B a run for thier money lol.
Frank hit some good targets over and finished with a run of 8, 23 may have given him a good score in C grade?
Great company again and anytime would be a pleasure.

I had only shot Dartmoore once, the showdown last year and not got very far or done very well. So basically it was like a Virgin course.
Started well enough and rode my luck to split the 18m 25mm stander.
Think it were T 17 i missed first.
Up to then it had been mainly inside edge though i think i came out about 1/4 inch on a longer one (45m) the lane or two previous as the wind was whipping across R - L, strong enough to bow the "Wire" strings!
T17 came in at 45m again, gave inside 3 and it split off 9. Just a pellet more needed!

T25 was the full ish whack target up on the poll. Wind was gusting and dropping, again the wire string bowing up and down. Decided to be brave and came inch out. Pellet went straight. Bloody air stripper lol

T27 was i ranged at 47m in the heat haze, inside 3 edge saw the pellet hit 12. Mmmmm. Re scoped and found it was coming in at 45, think i ight have told the apprentices to range find 3 times, should take my own advise - Shote Shooter!

Same for T 28 and T 30.
Standing lane. 35 m Full first, steady as i could but after last nights work and three hour drive the legs were not with it. Poor shoot
T30 was 20m and 25ml. Not hard, I blast these over for fun at Tondu. infact i know practise at that range on 15 ml as 25 were becoming a bit easy! Pulled the shot low on wobbly legs again. Dissapointing to say the least. Pee Poor is what it was

The two wind misses i can accept, the other 3 was a combination of poor shooting & tiredness.
Out about 6 times? Despite the stronger wind later on

Definatly got to look at staying over for the long trips i think.

Least i hit all the mini kills sitting and thise 12.5ml kills make the 15mm look huge lol
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