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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Plenty of experience with air strippers Si

But none with an Ostler Air stripper?

Bit like comparing one pellet to another really to me, you cant say how good or bad a jsb is if you have only tested superdomes.
A pellet is not a pellet and it seems not all air stripper are the same, least in the two (AA) I have experience of.

Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
Have you considered this Simon... perhaps all of this pellet testing you're doing is the reason you're reporting that your gun takes less wind?

As per other post Brian, no, Only factor that changed was air stripper. Our Gp practice course is quite tough, exposed targets that almost always over the top ponds are in some sort of wind. I noticed i started giving less wind that i used to and while shooting with gadget with his Aa stripper, he seemed to be constantly giving more wind than i was. Same for a few winter comps we shot together.

In theory if an air stripper could help to stabilise the pellet in flight (reduce wobble) then it might reduce the effects of precession in both the horizontal and vertical plane.

Your far to clever for me Brian, but I have reported seeing cleaner holes in the paper with the air stripper too. I usually get clean holes now, before there was far mor ripping of the paper and no clear entry point unless the paper could be sort of put back

the pellets won't be slowed down as quickly, will spend less time in the air and as a result will spend less time being affected by a crosswind. In theory the effects of precession could be different in the horizontal plane to the vertical plane, which would mean that in the horizontal plane as the pellet wobbles and automatically stabilises it 'might' have uneven drag on one side to the other - which would mean it veers off course to the left or right more.

Is that the same as Uk neil reported?

Now I'm not saying I don't believe your claims with the mega airstripper, so assuming your observations aren't a figment of your imagination or a case of the Emperors new clothes (If you've spent 180 on an airstripper you want to convince yourself it was worth it right?) then it's possible in theory that part of the reduction in windage is down to the air stripper and part of it is down to exhaustive pellet batch testing. Or it may even be that most of it is down to pellet testing?

As per other line, pellets were the same in Priest.
I dont think my imagination convinced me to buy three, its where i have been aiming.
Crap pellets are still crap pellets

Put a chrono out at 50m and try good batches of pellets and bad batches of pellets. In theory you should see that the good batches of pellets have a higher velocity (although it might only be slight) and you should also see that the fps spread is smaller.

I will try that when i have 5, perhaps this week

You could also do the same with and without the airstripper to see if you get the same result.

I`m Frank Spencer when it comes to technical / fixing things. John says in theory I could remove stripper, but with a 4.8mm cone you have to be precise in putting it back. More chance of me winning Worlds that doing that

If the chrono at 50m test supports this theory, then you'll also have found a quick way to test batches of pellets and you can do it when the wind is too variable to shoot good groups too.

Our new wind tunnel lane seems the answer to wind. Least L - R + R -- L pellet drift. I`m old fashioned, I dont trust Chairgun, its tape and plates 24ft = 50m and the same for pellet testing.
Though Si Ayres theory on pellet length holds true and thats now my quick way of checking pellets.


Just a thought....
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