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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post

I can't disprove your air stripper theory (because I don't have an air stripper on my TX) but I'd say that it's possible that an air stripper could not only improve group sizes but also reduce the amount of wind drift. But that's also true of selecting a good batch of pellets over a not so good batch of pellets - maybe potentially more of a difference than an air stripper would give you.

I tried reading your other post but between not understanding on the first two reading and a busy work schedule i will have a 5th go later!

My intital report on the air stripper improving groups was because it was the only variant introduced that saw dramatic improvements in the groups, not with Rev barrel but Priest, which was always a "better" barrel, but never a meag one.
Batches were the same.
My results on how much wind i now need to give are drawn from experience, from myself, other AA class shooters and by listening to what those AA shooters I am shooting with are doing. Thatsd usually giving more wind that i , but only in light to meduim breeze. Strong gusts still blow me out such as about 7 or8 targets at last Gp.

I have decided on a die for this barrel, well 99% but have the other two barrel to start on after Gp9.
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