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Hello ,

the new legal limit of 20 joules is a legal limit nothing else.

We will continue to practice FT with 16 joules airguns.
We started in respecting FT (copying) the English rules and we will continue on this way

it is difficult for us to set forth this discipline with french shooters. the way that will lead to the recognition of our sport is still long and bumpy.

Thisis only 3 years that we have created the first FT friends meeting who lead to the creation of the AFFT. We are still full of ignorance and we lack a lot of experience.
the future is ahead of us and we hope that this new law will help us to have more members.

Thank you for your enthusiasm and support, the world of FT grows but remains small enough for everyone knows everybody and supports ( help) all other shooters ( assiciations) in the world.

Play FT and have good time


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