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Default 20 joules is the new FAC limit in France


The law which governs the possession of weapons just changed in France.
The new decree has just been published by the government .
Before this new law, the maximum power allowed to hold an airgun without having a special licence( FAC) was 10 joules max. Over this power, a shooting license or an hunting licence was absolutly necessary .

Now the power limit for the non fac air rifle is 20 joules max. This means that the sale of airguns under 20 j is obsolutly free.

This is a very good news for FT / hft shooters who before this law were to enroll in a French Shooting club and must wait six months before to have the rigth to buy and holding an airifle .

Now we are free from this constraint that costed at least 100 euros per year with the obligation to regurarly practice in a government-approved shooting club.

as someone said before me :today i have a dream "Free at last! thank God Almighty, we are free at last"

Today the French FT makes a great step


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