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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Well, i've certainly been pulling my hair out. Any more problems and I'll be joining Scott and your club! I now know why you've gone for the convertible look Think Scott just lost his coping with the great turnip juice price crash of last autumn and the Blue Stratos doping scandal that followed...

Might have found a/the problem. Looks like the front bolt underneath the trigger guard had come loose again. Nick said it was out by about 3 turns. When I gave it to Mr Ayers I'd done it up to train engineer torque, and he said it hadn't shifted despite a long term soak test. But as time went on i started seeing shifts and then it went wammo at East Devon, sticking the first shot into the chain... 2 MOA seemed to do the trick after about 10 targets of guessing... then on last lane it went high. Clucking bell.

So for a start I need to keep the bolts in place. I tried them all in the other day and it grouped better, but within 50 or so shots I could put a 1/4 turn on them all.

Once that's cured, i can see if the wood can take it. Trouble is the last thing you want to do is pull the thing out of a stock to check they're all tight... cos you know it won't be where you left it.

Tool has some sticky Crème brûlée he's going to lend me. With Nick's loctite and that I'm hoping she'll stay in one place for the worlds. If the bolts do and she moves, then it's try laminate time. If that don't work, then perhaps this could.

Think Mec stocks are about a kilo + 1/2 to buy.
Since I got the tx and gin b stock and sidelined the hw77, ive had no zero shifts, I can take the action out of the stock and put it back and the zero stays the same...... happy days...for now...
Treat your self to a fully nick murphy tuned tx200...!!!!
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