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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Almost Windless

I did mention to those listening a few weeks ago we should clear out our "pipe" lane as it looked like a better option for pellet testing than our Bowl.

So today, as I needed to finalise my choice of pellet for REV, while much tea was made with Seaman, I mean by a seaman, I cleaned out the pipe lane and turned into the

"Tondu Tunnel".

Thus a full days pellet testing commenced in perfect conditions, despite the moving bushes and whistle winds, die 24 produced a super tight group unaffected by wind.

Trouble is that was Gadges Ev2!

My goal today was to get 4 dies down to 2 and I almost achieved it.
Mega die 34 were once again on the pole position with die 11 on par,
At 40 m all pellets were one hole, if you could let go at the same place
Most of 50 testing produced sub 25 ml groups with a few semi Dons.
As i have said on more than one occasion though, the REV's barrel is crap. It really struggle to group compared to every other Ev2 barrel i have tried.

then die 24 at the last moment produced the only "don" of the day at 50m.
As such, I think another quick couple of hours is needed tomorrow beofre the wedding to confirm REV s choice.
Then next saturday change the barrel and start again !

Then put Priest back together, and start ageain
Die 34.......... mega
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