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Originally Posted by holly View Post
I started FT at Lea Valley in 89 . dave monk and dave hoare were in charge . we used to put the hundred on saturday . took best part of ten hours work . but the ground has every thing a FT shooter could ask for . but the wood is the best bit . it boarders onto a big field and the wind sweeps in off it like a demon . bowls ( but not huge ones like sywell ) open ground and woods . only snag is , is that it is a HFT club . shame that ??? HOLLY
I don't know what it's like now, but then the LV arena was a dream for any FT shooter seeking a challenge.

As to whether the snag is whether or not it is currently an HFT club is an entirely different can of worms. Janny and I are Honorary Members (because we supported Dave M throughout his Second Flirtation with Death and Disaster in 2001), but we decided to no longer consume this when Dave M and Dave H were basically voted out of the club.
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