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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
So you shot two guns at different times or relied on someone else's setup. Hardly scientific.

Tell you what. Lets hire the tunnel for a day, 5 or 10 hurricane blowers. Clamp barrel down. Test 50 shots at 50m. Shoot with it on or off. If stripper takes less wind on the statistical average of the group to any measurable margin beyond the randomness of the group, I will pay. If not you pay. Shouldn't be a problem if you're happy to recommend a product that would cost someone near that expense
Even better - have 2 such rifles side by side (each has own target) and run the tests with/without stripper i.e. one has it and the other doesn't. Simple countdown 3,2,1,fire should ensure the conditions are the same and then add/remove stripper and repeat.

Love to see that experiment - I would pay to see it :-D

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