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Originally Posted by peterh View Post
I like the Lea Valley arena -- at least as it was in the early years of this millennium (jeez, that sounds older than it is) -- but I haven't seen it for many years. It has lots of different settings, some unusual shooting positions, and you get to shoot in many differentl directions. Many lanes are set out in separate areas surrounded by high banks. The wind can really screw you there.

It used to be the venue for the Hertfordshire 100 - a grueling shoot (100 targets in one day). The course would include a couple unusual targets, such as the infamous 60+ yards downhill, and the submarine in the tower that was more than 45 degrees uphill.

Edit: in winter, it's could probably be quite grim, as there isn't much cover from the wind.
I started FT at Lea Valley in 89 . dave monk and dave hoare were in charge . we used to put the hundred on saturday . took best part of ten hours work . but the ground has every thing a FT shooter could ask for . but the wood is the best bit . it boarders onto a big field and the wind sweeps in off it like a demon . bowls ( but not huge ones like sywell ) open ground and woods . only snag is , is that it is a HFT club . shame that ??? HOLLY
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