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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
So instead of comparing power and zero, and spirit level against the guns, opt for a 180 lump of ally that doesn't touch the pellet yet magically manages to control the air around it 165 ft down range at 600mph?

No wonder it costs 180. Reassuringly expensive.

Aren't you using 7.3's?
I did test my power yes spot on as always around 777 - 782.
I`m not sure what your reference to Zero means? Both guns dialed in for 50m and aiming at the centre dot.
No cant, I have done this a few times you know
Height was good on both set ups, with the correct pellets.

i did not check Zaks Ev2 no for power, but it has been tested and I am sure he is not one for adjusting? Taken him 2 months to pout the Butt hook on! I think it registered about the same sort of fps when he initially got it?

It would have been interesting to test my barrel as you say down range with and without, but truth is Rob its a been done elswhere, see Airgun world I think 2 months ago by Uk neil, and B i dont really need to!
I can see the results and they were blatent Tuesday.
Uk neils article was interesting for a non technical chap like me to read and the theory even made sense as to why a properly set up air stripper works.

No, I use 8.4 and have for 2 years or so really.

I only have the 7.3 for Hft to make it more interesting.
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