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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
You have tested one of Johns Air Strippers then Connor

The Priest was a "Pennman" Ev2, Nice Guy Davey but the gun never worked as well as it does now that John has set it up. .

For me its John every time. Pays your money and takes your choice. Obviously distance may play a part.
Not tested his muzzle break, apparently it needs to be custom made individually for the barrel and he fits it to the gun. As you've said they take less wind, only repeating what's on the forum in black and white.

Now if I where to test them, for any validity, I would chrono the gun at 50yrds with and without the muzzle break to obtain the difference in downrange speed.

What I have tested is Davey P's tuned guns, one is a Pro Target that he did over 3 yrs ago and the other is an EV he did 2 years ago. Both like clockwork and haven't needed to be touched since he worked on them!
As said both guys are in Scotland.
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