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Originally Posted by chrisc View Post
For quite a few years i've used Steyr LG100 and MTC Viper 10x44. I now have 2 rigs that are almost identical in fit, power and aim points.

After a very annoying 12 months of problem chasing i almost got rid to go down the slightly more 'simple' route of a MPR as there's not a lot in grouping ability between the Steyr and MPR. It's just that my Steyr's fit me like a glove and now they're both sorted i'm back to the point where i feel confident not even trying the zero range before a comp.
Just sorted a few issues on my MPR but its back on song again, so even the MPR is not without problems Chris.
My transfer O ring decided to spit itself down the barrel bit by bit, which showed itself by shooting high for a few shots, and then low for the next few, I didn't know the cause until it was stripped. A full service and a good barrel clean, and a swap back to the old air stripper, and she is back chasing Steyr's.
Thought about the Steyr route a few times as the triggers are slightly better and I do like them, but I seem to have settled with the AA 400 MPR, Paul Wilson stock/Sightron s111 10x42 now.

I do check the zero though, as you can get one or two clicks difference for temp, but much more stable than a standard 400.

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