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Originally Posted by Charlts View Post
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Naughty boy...

With the barrel recrowned on my old steyr it's sorted the flyers and the new realtree one i got last year is shooting so well that i haven't shot my original one in 6 months. Currently experimenting with a higher reg pressure and backed off hammer spring in the new rifle with some very promising results with the new AA 7,9gr pellets. something must be right as had some really good scores in the NEFTA hunter series.

I've just had my TX200 v mached and had the stock refurbished at custom stocks....apparantly it's a 25 year old Turkish walnut stock. Shoots nice now with a good trigger and promising accuracy although not bedded in yet. Once it's settled i'll send the action for re-bluing by Mr Malloy and she'll be a pipe and slippers yet although there is the faint odour of stale urine so not quite the full springer shooter
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