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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Its not other AA i am representing Neil, its my views only on this thread.
However, as I said I know some other AA shooters that feel the same. Hard enough ? Not really what I meant, I dont know if i said that?
Interesting is a better term perhaps.
Least enjoyable gp i have ever shot was Gp1, but that was the shooting line. Did not however like the 1 short 1 long idea of targets either.
Enjoyed Gp2, Fc, gp 4 Nelson, Gp 6 redferns, and 8 East devon
Bisley GP was as i have just said too repetative for me and almost windless. I enjoy Bisley in the winter league, more wind gets through the woods

I have already proposed 25ml standers in last years Agm and it was not voted through. Will try again this year!
Thing is take a 25 ml stander and a 40 ml stander out to 25 yards, my max proposed range for reduced standers i usually hit the 25ml more!
Thats not the answe for all i am sure, but again my views / findings.
Courses must stay the same for all otherwise we will never know who is doing what %

25 wind machines, yes, its called Sywell! One of my top 10 grounds to shoot.


The only reason you like Sywell is cos you have not shot at Lea Valley . ( same region ) it has the wind on the edge of the wood . it has the positions and the facilities to hold one of the best shoots of the year and you do not have to walk two miles ??? HOLLY
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