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Originally Posted by btamas View Post
I bought a Ripley AR5 beginning of this year. It was very good and I love it, but since last Saturday the gun is crazy. Last Saturday I filled the gun, and after it my first shoot went very low. I checked it with chrony, and the speed was 104 m/s instead of 165..After appr. 10 shoot the speed was 160 m/s and a 20 shoot series was 160m/s-170m/s-160m/s-169m/s-161m/s-170m/s-etc....I checked it again today and the situation is the same...
I am afraid it needs a service but I live in Hungary, and nobody is familiar with Ripleys here...
Can you please give me an e-mail address to Mr. Wilkins or to somebody else who can maybe help me to sort out this issue? Basically I would not like to send the rifle across to Europe, but I will do if there is no other choice...
Thank you in advance!
Regards, Tamas
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