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Hi Simon
If GPs aren't hard enough for AAs (but may be quite hard enough for the other folk attending) then can I suggest an overlay course where AAs have to take on 10 targets with reduced kills instead of 40mms. Say, for example, targets 5, 10, 15, 20, etc have a 3rd target placed in the lane with a different face-plate colour. This could be a 25mm at 55yds or a stander at 45 (25mm) and so on (15mm at 35yds, etc). So same number of targets but slightly more demanding. Other grades can have a go at either but AAs (or As electing to shoot AA) have to.

Makes scoring slightly more demanding and course setters need a few more targets and thought about the "10".

Even the oft said "gimme stander at 15yds" would be a tad harder with a reduced kill (not that any target is a give away until it falls over).

Or maybe 25 wind machines rotating like office fans on each lane to provide lots of wind but almost never the same one :-D

Good luck with the new business.

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