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Default 2014- what to shoot

so, plan A for 2014?

I have to plan 12 months in advance what I am going to do due to my wedding work.
Indeed, I am today starting what I hope will be the future of my wedding photography business, in working Abroad.

2014 Gun?

Mega barrel going onto REV a week saturday which will mean more pellet testing?
Then all being well new no3 Warren Edwards stock will finish off the new set up. Put that way till 2015 then!

However, No 1 set up will be Priest (unless new Barrel is really MEGA) + no 2 stock + no 27 scope.

Use that throught he winter and then into next summer.
Seems to have worked fairly well for El Capitano.

2014 comps?

All thats left then is to plan next years Comps. Like some others i know, I have been disapointed in the level of differculty at some if not the majority of GP over the last two years. Two many courses with no or little wind and in some cases fairly boaring repetative lanes.
Hundreads of miles of travelling and if you have a bad disapline day, you wasted 60+ and a day!

Now I fully accept this may be due to the fact that i somehow have become a better shot since 2010 and these days, apart from the MFTA in the winter seem to hit more targets than i used to. Perhaps the courses are the same differculty but " I " dont find most to be that these days? Maybe I just been lucky as Fisher would tell me!

Anyway, the last two seasons have now left me wondering what I want to shoot?

I coud opt for Mfta winter league where some of the grounds are still fairly "virgin" to me and of course there are more " AA" shooters to compete against. Thats not really my thing though as With Jack in WAfta if I just wanted to beat the best I could just shoot Wafta and try and beat Jack on Welsh grounds. I never really see myself as competing against others, just the courses.
I really think Jack has a good chance of Wining the Worlds. Could even be a double but I think El capitano will be Gp champ as i predicted prior to season starting.

Its a lot of travelling again over the winter again to do all Mfta, fine if I can get three in the car but perhaps not an option otherwise?
So, perhaps its the "odd" Mfta winter league, not sure but I think its 6 from 10 to count?
Might be able to make 6.
Which ones though?

1/Dowry hill for sure, one of my top 5 grounds
4/Far coley

Not been to Woodend or Greyhound. I know Pufferfish practices at Greyhound and recons it s a windy old place so maybe thats the one?

Summer 2014?

Gp season? Well so far i am potentially missing gp 1 & 4 due to work.
That leaves me 1 duff shoot and having to put in 6 good ones, much the same as this year. When the disadvantages of Gp1 Millride essentially wrote that Gp off for me (and Phil James) it meant far more pressure in the other gp a I knew i could not put in another duff score. I really need a very good score at Anston, the win would do! Would help finnish this years Gp season with a good position. Not sure top 10 is possible, that depends on others having bad day?
I think to do well oin the Gp series you need to do 8 or all 9 rounds as its just so tight in AA.

Gp 2014?

Truth is I think my place in AA at next years gp series depends on a couple of things.
Grounds for one.

I enjoyed Nelson this year, lots of wind in places combined with inside edge which made it a challenge. Same for East Devon, thats the sort of ground I want to go and shoot at. Bit like going to Tondu really!
Suppose we will have to wait till November for confirmation of what is what Gp wise in 2014?


I have enjoyed the last two seasons in swefta. Things are run very well, all clubs have full zero ranges for example!
The courses have been challenging. Shooters have been very friendly (so far) and I have enjoyed the diversity on the grounds You think 15 ml kills a re small, come and try 12.5 @ Swefta shoots lol
I think at the moment at least one more full season is on the cards in Swefta despite the traveeling costs, some of those course have beat me and so need a return visit.

The rest may will become a pick and mix. Really wanted to Get to Etl this year but clashes meant not been able to. Always wanted to go the Kent Woodsman and whoop The "Eel" on home ground lol.
Nwfta. Rivi seems my type of ground from wehat i hear?
Nefta. all good grounds, Anston one of my top 5.
FFTA. Never been apart from Sywell and now hats Mfta.
Csfta - Fancy another go at N.Oxon, Soth Bucks and Wendover.

Choices choices, better see who wants to be a passenger?.
BFTA Grading Q's to;
sorry wont answer Bfta q's on forums, Cant keep track of replies etc!
BFTA updates on

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