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Default Tondu no wind

Excellent day at tondu.

Bit of work on the club house (yes it looks like a container) to improve things with Winter now fast approaching!

Sprayed up all the gp targets, well most so Zak and Gadget could see their misses. Came in Handy for gadget lol

First Rd was Mr.Sheen and Murry, murry with his hunting Rig hit 6 and Mr Sheen, er, did not.
It was a tricky wind but I think next time at club I shall have to look at Mr.Sheens set up as with such a mega barrel on his Ev2, I cant see how he is ,issing.
So many!
I had a mare despite dropping REV back into no 2 stock and using mega die 36 (11)
Missed 6!

Much pellet testing followed, the result of which sees gadget switch to mega die 34.
Little Lez however prefered die 11. what was sorted were the Die 8 were not always suited to his barrel. Result.
Tweaking of the newly fitted Sytem Gemini to his Ev2 (it needs a name) plus some scope repositioning saw us attempt the Gp course late on.
I rode a couple of splitters in with the warm air seemingly lifting pellets to finosh on 18 ex 20, one of which was a tired but poor standing shot (T20). The other T2 where i over cooked the wind with my Mega air stripper!
It seemed the the changes were paying dividends fpor LilLez plus some helpfull guidance (looking for some post Ramadan food next week ) and LiLez was knocking them over with ease.
Least once we cleared the windy section! No, good shooting for just 5 misses, so 15 ex 20 is his ne PB on the course.
I wont mention Gadget only hit 12 nor that we still have not found his strawberry Milkshake!

More pellet testing Friday for me as i need to get 4 die down to one! Will also look at making the Gp course harder!
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