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Default No so long ago i was crap. , eh, oh thanks Fishface, I still am crap lol!!

Originally Posted by ellis d View Post
You rushed the 165m stander... that's a long shot

At least that would have been half an excuse. 15m was just shite!

Originally Posted by ZakFT View Post

a poor Renault Driver. .... tells gadget to get out to see if its ok. Now gadget got out within 10 seconds it was sorted by bribing the poor driver with his Mc Donalds Strawberry Milkshake. ..
5 mins into the journey on the Motorway Gadget started to look for his Milkshake..... it was like a kid losing his sweet. Gadget searched the back of the car better than a police sniffer dog. The funniest part was that he even looked underneath the stacked rifle cases
despite of the search it was never found. .....

However all in all it was a very new experience for me this Gp and have learned a lot from it. Practice practice practice wind reading
lol, forgot about that.

top recolection of the said missing Strawverry Milkshake lol.

Dont worry about your score, a.m. was tough session.
I recon you would have hit 25-30 in pm no probs, luck of the draw.
Perhaps its time for Am & pm results? Who knows!

What I do know is practise is key so make it a long day tuesday and by the end of it things will seem better
Make sure you wearing the stuff you normally wear, so cam jacket, boots etc as of sunday. consistancy also important.

Just dug these out to make you laugh.
told you i was crap when i started back, sorry, still am crap lol

Class C
Ev2 mk 1 + Big Nikko + Exacts

Gp2? Tawd vale 17 targets % ?

gp9 Sywell 27 % ?

NJR 100 + no 1 Luepold, Express pellets

old Class B

Gp3 South Dorset 36 targets 77%

Gp4 Bisley 34 71%

Gp7 Springfield 29 63%


NJR 100 + no 1 Luepold, Express pellets

old A class

Gp 1 Tondu 30 64%

Gp2 MAD 40 93%

NJR 100 + no 1 Luepold, Express pellets

Gp 2 Millride 16 41% (The rain GP lol)

Gp 3 Iceni 40 82% (no Wind)

Gp6 Byley 30 67%

Gp 7 Emley 33 69%

Gp 8 Nelson 31 66%

Gp 9 Sywell 30 79%

NJR 100 + no 1 Luepold, Express pellets (die 60, just sold to Robf)

Gp 1 Tawd vale 44T 88%
Gp 2 ETL 44 92%
Gp 3 Tondu 39 89%
Gp 5 Anston 36 80%
Gp 7 East Devon 44 92%
Gp 8 Bisley 42 85%
Gp 9 Sywell 42 93%
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