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Default A Day at East Devon, Simon & Mc Donalds and the "lost" Milkshake!

A great yet tiring day it was Sunday at the Gp. After being awake since 3:30am was unable to go back to asleep.. . 6:15am I had to meet Simon and gadget at a set location but surprise surprise Mr Evans overslept. ... so I was waiting like a lemon for an hour .

Eventually got collected and arrived at East Devon 8:30am. We all ran out of the car at the zeroing range like hooligans. The wind and light conditions were not amazing and pellets going high and left/right just said it all.

Shooting in the woods with horrendous wind and low light conditions was a huge new experience for me. Topped up with changing my scope 3 days before the Gp shoot was not the cleverest thing to do

There was enough wind that the trees were literally clapping and squeaking together . Didn't finish on mega scores but happy i wasn't alone with that score

Due to darkness in the woods it was very difficult to parallax.

Shooting along with Ed and Mick was also an experience. Mick a burris holic proved to me that what a fantastic scope it is. Am happy my Burris is still with me and after taking Micks advice it will be staying with me. It will now be off to Burris Direct to have it toshed up.

We eventually left this after presentation and Simon and his picture taking. Simon and gadget decided to have Mc Donald.. As they got back in the car Simon with excitement decided to use his Mc Donalds meal in his lap to reverse out of the car park and bumps his car with a poor Renault Driver. .... tells gadget to get out to see if its ok. Now gadget got out within 10 seconds it was sorted by bribing the poor driver with his Mc Donalds Strawberry Milkshake. ..

5 mins into the journey on the Motorway Gadget started to look for his Milkshake..... it was like a kid losing his sweet. Gadget searched the back of the car better than a police sniffer dog. The funniest part was that he even looked underneath the stacked rifle cases
despite of the search it was never found. .....

However all in all it was a very new experience for me this Gp and have learned a lot from it. Practice practice practice wind reading
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