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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Changes in the week and the expected return of the newy serviced Priest Action saw me return REV to no 1 stock with no 1 scope on top for use on Sunday at the Gp.
Seemed like a good idea at the time!
Priest did not turn up as no Castle members were passing Mr.O house, so its plan B for that!

Preperation is everything, and for the gp it was next to nothing.
Having done 24 hours of wedding photography Friday and saturday, it seems I was a little tied Sunday Morning and when the phone rane at 6 am, i heard Gadget asking why I had not picked him up at 5.45am.
Being as he was at that time 15 miles away I thaught he was too far away.
A mad Rush saw shower, load car, pick up Gadget and New apprentice Zak (in Cardiff) and stiff make it to East Devon by 8.25am!

However, it meant barrel cleaning had to be passed over but on the windy Zero range, all seemed well.

Die 36(11) were tipped for success today in Rev, no 1 stock and no 1 scope.
Got to shoot with John Chopping and Simon Francis today and good company it was with scores well matched most of the way round.
We started on lane 14, about 3/4 of the way along the "open" woods. With no brecky inside me, not even a cup of tea the first few lanes were rather shaky and it was bemusing i started well, even hit the standers.
I even managed to hit 7 of the 8 sitters in the open "field" section which was good shooting, targets needing anything from off plate to inside edge, you had to read every target which made it for me one of the best Gp this year by far.
I put a good shot in on the 35m stander at the eedge of the field but just lifted the shot to 1 edge. However as the rain was starting i then rushed the 165m stander and hit 5 edge, pure shote shot.
I laso miseed the last lane of standers, think they were something like 27 + 30m. Both really bad shots on them!
So, four of the 9 misseds were poor standers
Four ohter were longer targets, 45m + were I was stuck in "East Devon" Mode!
east Devon is usually an edge of kill shoot, the wind not normally finding a way into the thick part of the woods. Today however it was and I could bring myself out of kill on the long shots, despite the fact i knew shots were not going to go that straight!
In truth, shote shooting!
I did then late on have one long shot go straight when i had given it 1/4 inch outside 3 edge!

Simon finished on 40, John had finished on 43, Doz a couple of lane up on 43 with Woody and I on 41, Little Jack had come in with 45 which once again was clear off all others.
So % wise my "am" score was not bad.

Of course the wind dropped for Pm and some higher scores came in. None no less from El capitano (i dont blame the wind for his score) with a 47, very good shooting

So, hopefully i will somehow get the Priest action back before Gp9 and can revert to the Rig I "want to be using!"

Wednesday and Friday this week at tondu and If its still the Rev, then nothing but Standing practise ready for Dartmoor next Sunday !!
You rushed the 165m stander... that's a long shot
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