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Originally Posted by holly View Post
If you must shoot a springer , then you should know that in each position you shoot from . it will effect the rifle differently . it is the way the rifle recoils ? you have to try and make it the same way each time . when i was shooting a springer a few years ago , i found the only way to really get it as good as poss . was to sit with the rifle in the aim , then breathe in deeply and relax the body starting from the top to the bottom . relaxing the muscles as you on , with the rifle only being cradled at the end and a light pressure of the thumb to counteract the pressure on the trigger in the opposite direction . and squeeze . but by god to do that on every shot ? no way mate .you will end up like Rob . Knackered ??? HOLLY
PS or even worse chasing sheep around a field like NJR
Just said it all ! Softly softly; trigger pressure through forefinger and thumb along thrust line.Hold, soft enough so that rifle can be removed from you without resistance(well not much ).
Mostly its guiding the recoil so it is linear.Don't want the little b...... to go into one. Doesn't take much and ready to go at a moments notice..
You love the little darlings really.
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