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Originally Posted by MojoCrow View Post
I've got to admit that it can be argued that there is nothing quite like knowing after you've taken a shot that you should have listened to what the sight picture and your brain were telling you. Peg one at the last Buxted shot was a classic lesson for me; Eyes say 43-45 yards, scope says 'no way, mate. It's a crystal clear image so it's closer to 35' and brain says 'Duh, I thinks its what me eyeballs says it is'. I dink it and it's 35 yards away (flaming Andy and his evil ways).
Sunday is neck brace time, I love tin chickens in the sky. if you think a 25mm is further than 35yds you deserve to miss duffus.The fact its on an angle over water make it a great brain fook though. Don't worry though its gone for Sunday, its big little brothers home.

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