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Good stab at the write up Rob, as you mention you can't seperate the shoot from the whole experience and after being at home a day or so now I am gradually putting together the whole thing in my head. We didn't really stop the whole time we were there, trying to make the most of the week I suppose.

Congratulations to James on his victory and commiserations to John, I have had both positions before so I know how they both feel. At least John had an intimate experience with a bull elephant on the day after the shoot to take his mind off things. The whole tale will no doubt have already done the rounds.

Everyone we met in South Africa made us feel very welcome from arrival to departure, we had a fantastic time which I will never forget so I would like to thank everyone involved from the shoot organisers to the cleaners at our hotel.

I'll try to get some pictures up soonish but as I am sure you can imagine I have quite a few to sort out.

Also well done to the England team and thanks to our sponsors we looked the part at the presentation. Good shooting too Berty, well done on your third place.

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