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Originally Posted by skires View Post

Not getting much help are you?

I don't shoot FT ( I shoot HFT ) but I'm just about to have a go at FT this winter with a springer.

The other posters are right of course that it's knocking targets down on a course on a regular basis that counts and not grouping well on paper in practice ... but you already knew that.

One thing that hasn't been mentioned is the ability of your kit. I shoot HFT and in the best situation that is shot prone on the floor with the forearm and padded target glove on the floor with gun rested on the glove. So very stable. For me, the cross hairs are very very steady. That's in practice and not on a course. So I get to see how accurate the gun can shoot if it's a still day and I'm shooting well. My springer will do 12-15mm ctc at 45 yards this way ... when I shoot at my very best. I don't get that all the time ... usually it's more like 20-25mm ctc and if I'm shooting badly it's a shotgun job.

So what will your gun do at 50m rested on a bean bag etc? That gives you some idea. If your gun is only capable of 40mm ctc at 50m then you won't beat that no matter how hard you try sitting.

I put a 40mm FT target out at 55 yards and shot at it 5 times HFT prone and then tried 5 shots sitting FT style. Scope was at 10x for both. I knocked it down 5/5 HFT prone but only 3/5 FT sitting ( still day in sheltered woods and probably lucky ). I can't hold the cross hairs as still sitting. I take my hat off to the FT guys who can. Lots of practice I think for me to do well in springer FT.

The FT guys may disagree, and they know best, but I'd find out what's the accuracy of your kit at 50m. Then probably add 10mm and if you are getting 8 out of 10 in that diameter I'd say you are shooting well.

Good luck.

PS Just re read in your post #5 that you are hitting a 40mm kill at 47m most of the time with your springer. Not sure what you are like kneeling/standing but that already sounds pretty good to me.
While i like you always start on a rest to check zero . i quite often find that once i am shot in , i can beat the groups offhand that i did on the bench . strange but true ??? HOLLY
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