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Thanks for the update Roberto and the Stirling effort deflecting


Based on this info i've dug out my Walther breech flag , as you Pilchards know I shoot Zenith EV2 its brain maybe powered by Guru Murph but its still EV2 at heart !


Just tried to fit the flag into the breech , and unless the Haggis Cannon is fully cocked ie ready to fire as in fooooook1ng loaded it won't fit in !
So in effect it's a hard plastic bullet shape with a metal cap yes Pilchards that's metal into the breech and one slip and cappoowwww it's away !

Hardly safe in fact shall we say its dam right dangerous.
I'm not saying that this is the case for other brands of cannon but certainly can't be used on EV2 IMO.

Looks like gun bags are the way forward, just be careful though champs of Johnny Forigner if he's got one locked and loaded.

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