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Default For those visiting to the worlds...

Things to note:

1) if you are not carrying your rifle around the course in a bag, the rifle needs to be fitted with a device that prevents a pellet from being discharged or shows clear... (i know the oxymoron of showing clear by putting something in the barrel ...)

so that means breech flags

The ISSF also accept orange strimmer line poked down the barrel, so assume the BDS will...

or a device over the muzzle which will stop a pellet, which also needs to be orange or red.

or keep it in a bag (which is what i am doing)

Soft bags are allowed for transport in Germany, but they need to have locks (assumed by me to mean on the zips)

2) Silencers are banned in Germany. But the not silencer silencers that are factory fitted and non removable. It's the screw on additional types that aren't legal. Muzzle brakes are fine. But if you've got something fitted after manufacture that looks like a silencer and sounds like a silencer, take it off. As said though HW and TX muzzles are ok.
If you've got some random bit of kit that has something odd fitted by the maker and you cant get it off, might be worth getting a letter written, with perhaps some german translation of the purpose of the muzzle system.

Mündungsbremse is Muzzle Brake in german
Mündungsgewicht is Muzzle Weight in german
Schalldämpfer is Silencer

Quote from VB …

“If the sound-reducing parts are integrated into the out-of the box rifle there is no problem. I myself have an Air Arms Pro Sport and two other air rifles in which this the case. Strictly prohibited, however, are attachable /removable silencers. And therefore quickly arises "silencers are forbidden".
Sorry for the late update... it was established ages ago what was allowed and not, but this past week there has been some uncertainty raised.

And yes, the EFTA have raised the matter about rule publishing times with the WFTF once again.

That is all...

I hope.
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