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Originally Posted by Toucan59 View Post
The evenings are getting shorter, but the shooting still continues at MAD.
A very enjoyable warm evening, shooting round with Simon and the OAP, who was trying my S400 for size. I think his Wolf has had its day, he couldn't believe how accurate the old 400 was. Banter was top class tonight with a few of the guys trying the old springers.

Ray Hampton-------55---4--59
Tim Bohr-------------48---8--56----Springer
Terry Wheatley-----50---6--56----Springer
Lloyd Davies---------47---8--55----22
Kyle Hampton-------49---6--55
Simon Vant----------50---4--54
Tony Ward----------44--10--54
Dave Allam----------49---4--53
Darren Quincey-----52---1--53
John Miller-----------43--10--53
Ian Bainbridge-------46---5--51----OAP Winner
Barry Smith----------38--10--48----Springer
Ben Miller-------------35--10--45
Stan Watts----------34--10--44
ooohh get you pr1ck

Good to see ya back Tel, I had enough of Bainbridge on his own (whingeing about how it's the gun letting him down) cos he's just not funny. Bit like Morecambe without Wise, see
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