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Looking to move upto a Ripley AR5S shortly,just after some feed back :-

Do i go new or second hand if one comes avalible?
i'd go second hand and try to borrow it for at least a week if you can, there are a few not so good ones out there
What finish is the best finish polished or anodized ?
upto you
What do i look for in general that would indicate a good second hand action?
just try it out
Is there any reg issues?
mine went down - i tried ringing ripley every day for about a week and a half and couldnt get through to them (holiday maybe, i don't know) then i sent it to dave welham and its now awesome!
What should i be aware of ?
there a little harder to shoot than the ev2 and a fair few that i have shot have crap triggers lol

heres mine

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