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Originally Posted by DEAN C. View Post
Well this is an interesting thread!

As a seasoned hunter with nearly 40 year experience, and six year of HFT under my belt I can honestly say that IMHO prone is the most stable position without exception. I can never find a peg when hunting though!
When hunting I sometimes revert to sitting FT stance if the grass is a little high though.
Regarding sitting when shooting HFT,I did once at Hull in about 2009 when having a complete mind blank, but Scooby called my bluff!!! Awkward sod!

Different sports and different rules, just get on with it.
Welll said Dean, I shot round with you at the anston springgun champs, HFT and FT shooters shooting springers together in perfect sporting harmony.....maybe that's the answer...we all shoot springers and ditch the pcp....
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