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Originally Posted by Conor View Post
Quick update everyone, from Mr Chairman/President of WFTF

There are 3 SEPARATE courses, as the rule stated there should and didn't say "must"!!! Even though the next sentence in the rule reads,

"Lanes of these three courses must alternate (e.g. red/blue/green course) along the terrain.

Also the feedback on the foot behind the ruling seems to not be a ruling at all, enforced on some lanes and not on others so seems to be totally ambiguous, not clearly defined and in all honesty silly, either foot is behind or not!

You will also require a fluorescent yellow, pink or orange condom for the end of your shooter to ensure it is safe and doesn't discharge and get anyone pregnant (or transfer the sexually transmitted infection guys)

Ah well if they're picking over the difference between should and must, the wording of the rule about feet doesn't
actually say your feet must be behind the line, it just says your feet may not touch the ground mark of the firing line.

"The feet of the shooter may not touch the ground mark of the firing line."

So you can have your feet over the line, so long as they don't touch the line
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