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Originally Posted by Conor View Post
Quick update everyone, from Mr Chairman/President of WFTF

There are 3 SEPARATE courses, as the rule stated there should and didn't say "must"!!! Even though the next sentence in the rule reads,

"Lanes of these three courses must alternate (e.g. red/blue/green course) along the terrain.

Also the feedback on the foot behind the ruling seems to not be a ruling at all, enforced on some lanes and not on others so seems to be totally ambiguous, not clearly defined and in all honesty silly, either foot is behind or not!

You will also require a fluorescent yellow, pink or orange condom for the end of your shooter to ensure it is safe and doesn't discharge and get anyone pregnant (or transfer the sexually transmitted infection guys)

So what they are saying is.
You can ignore certain sentences if you so desire, and only use the part of the rule that you like.

I therefore chose to have the rifle chronied, but will ignore the maximum speed allowed because I choose to.

This is the first year that one set of rules applies to all. Something that was long in the making and was specifically put in place to prevent "local rules" from effecting the sport. Looks like it was a wasted effort on the part of all who fought for it.
Why not just admit they stuffed up and correct the situation and comply to all the rules.

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