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Nice write up Rob,
On behalf of the New Zealand team, was great to meet everyone attending.

It was indeed a battle. It was more a battle against our own demons rather than a battle for placings. So much was learned at that venue I don't know where to start,.......but we will be passin what we learned on now we are home.

I ran into John and his Uncle, Andy C and James O flightside in the airport,......said goodbyes, had a chat with John and swapped a bit more kit. What a nice lad, and a great bunch of ambassadors for FT shooting! As a minnow, the NZ team were received very well by everyone without exception. We were made to feel at home particularly by our SA hosts.

We will be back in the future, and think we can inch our way closer to the top levels, especially if we get exposed to the calibre and quantity of shooting you get in your domestic competition seasons.

Again, great to meet you all, it was indeed a pleasure,.......and what an event!

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