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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Sounds good Adam.

One aspect that comes up with target is when there is a rule that the competitor querying the target isn't allowed over the line to check it, or a marshal does not deem it neccessary. But there's also the issue that obviously the event shouldn't be ceased every time a target is missed for a challenge or that getting to a target that's up a tree or cliff doesn't turn into a mountaineering expedition either.

Generally the accepted state of play here is:

1) if there is an obvious obstruction or problem with the target then it is called by the first person shooting it and if not then it stands
2) if its a temporary problem like a loose, leaning snagged or obscured target it can be called
3) if its a target that doesn't fall it can't be challenged after a shot is taken at it but only if string hasn't been pulled
4) generally non falling targets are inspected by respected marshals who demonstrate clearly the operation of the target with say a tap of a pen (hft use a device) and several resets. However I think the concern has been at past worlds that marshals have been there for line and safety control rather than as experienced target marshals who know things like bolts rotating on the paddle can jam a target for one shot and not the next etc.

Yes Rob this is in line with our current thinking. Having sufficient marshalls schooled up is the key. Thanks for the feedback. We still may not allow shooters forward of the line, just the marshalls, but I would think making sure they understand what is expected of them and how targets work/don't work will be part of an important briefing programme along with demonstrations of how we want things done on the day/days.
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