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Originally Posted by airborn68 View Post

I don't think there is any new ground breaking stock designs out there,

Maybe they,AA, could have made an Ali stock or part Ali ones like the Steyr's or the Walther LG300 Alutec's. This could have been another part made in house whereas the stocks and barrels are outsourced. Alright pistol grip andcheek piece plus hamster in wood.

Just a thought.

Or would people have then said that the FTP 900 was just a copy of the aforementioned rifles ???

Agreed that the stock issue could be tricky but my opinion is that there was so much hype about the release of this gun and then the 'delays' etc. then when it did happen it was heralded as the EV 'REPLACEMENT' and has taken 3 years to develop.

Judging by some of the comments I've seen the long delay just made some people more negative towards it and the similarity in stock design didn't help matters.
The trouble is that according to the reports all or most of the improvements have been internal maybe they should have had a cutaway one on display showing all these improvements with someone pointing them out.

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