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Originally Posted by Globalstar66 View Post

This is a rule that Italy NEVER adhered to, and by the sounds of it, neither is Germany going to....

Targets, face plate & paddle must be 100% visible from all shooting positions; standing, kneeling, sitting & prone.

Any chance you could add that to your email to Andy?


Hi Robbie,
Technically they were visable, just not shootable so perhaps wording needs changed, but yes extreme crazy angles with no thought for shooters and/or safe gun handling are my major concern.

Also I am both angered and hugely disappointed in the Germans blatant disregard for a core rule, 3 seperate course. Indeed it was back in Ebern in 2004 when the Germans invented and used the 75 lanes of 150 targets in one circuit for the first time, the intermingling 3 colour coded courses meant everyone was shooting in the same conditions in THE SAME ZONE.

I hope our President Andy Kays can step up onto the mantle and get it sorted as this is clearly WRONG!
Only resolution now if courses are out is to ceed the shooters to attempt to ensure everyone if similar ability is on the same course. I have the WFTF results for all competitors over the past 9 yrs.
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