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Originally Posted by rich View Post

Possibly the format is wrong. Why should being in the top four at a league shoot where you have two minutes (and in SWEFTA's case all the time in the world) for two targets, befit you for a place where you need to down two in less than a minute?
For the BFTA I would think it's down to the requirement to fit the shoot into one day. For smaller showdowns it might not be necessary.

But there is a positive to the 1 minute rule. It streamlines the shooting process. Errors can be costly so it encourages a shooting process that seeks to diminish them. Most time is burnt in 2 mins in rangefinding the target several times, and waiting for the ideal wind. 1 minute forces you to rangefind 1-2 times well, and shoot for the wind that's there, rather than let indecision creep into it.

Most people who haven't shot one don't think it's possible. Most people afterwards realise it is. The trick is to not think but to just do. I haven't found a shooter yet who couldn't manage it to some degree of success, at least up to their actual shooting ability, and i've shot with some who haven't even been timed before let alone timed at 1 min.

Simple things to save time :

1 check natural point of aim and position on most difficult target, and if both are difficult then work a strategy out for dealing with them both. That doesn't mean the longest one. If you have a very close target you can burn more time getting to focus on an 11yd target and dialing than a 45yd one. Pull strings.

2 make a decision on where the wind is coming from at least

3 load carefully, but have 2nd pellet somewhere where you can get it quick

4 guess first target and pre focus scope

5 breathe

Only when your 100% happy, then stick eye to scope. It should be pointing at the first target. If it's in focus then send it. If not, get focus, dial a few clicks, make a decision on wind, send it, under good trigger control and with good follow through. Find 2nd target and repeat. Don't spend all day rangefinding. If scope says 50 yds, dial it, send it.

First shot normally goes off within 10 secs or so. Leaves plenty for the second.
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