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This is a very informative topic, reverberating around several forums in a few countries, and serves as an example of what not to do just before a Worlds event.

I'll open a thread in a while, asking if we all generally agree on our proposed rules set for 2014 if there are any variations we are forced to adopt. Generally, we forsee no such variations from Comprehensive rules, and what we do see as being slightly different, will be common sense and safety based under our laws.

Faulty targets rule will be redefined for NZ, so following the Comprehensive Rules wording, we may enhance it to distinguish between a)faulty target at the first shot at the first target in the first lane, and b)a target that fails part way through a course, and c)a target that is not within Comp Rules parameters. Well ask a broad intending participant base from around the world, agree and inform them of the final rules on these situations well before time. Also, we may ask veteran shooters who are there early to volunteer to "peer review" target placement and operation, especially if they are going to be in town a few days early. Bearing in mind workload and time pressures, adopting any suggestions may be prioritised.......

We have a web portal now open but currently empty, as nothing is fornally announced yet, so links to that will follow Germany. We will have our RGB President Alex magon attending Germany, so if anyone intending 2014 NZ can chat to him in Germany.

To those attending Germany good luck and enjoy it.

Worlds NZ 2014 Co-ordinator
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