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Maybe it's a translation thing, but I don't understand this bit :

Timing starts immediately after the shooter has taken the shooting position. It is not permitted to seek before timer start a special sitting position, a special target or to use the scope or other technical devices.
I think it means that the clock starts when you sit down and you're not allowed to pull strings or use your scope before you sit down. I don't know what not permitted to seek a 'special sitting position' means? or a 'special target'.

Also not keen on everyone in the lane scoring 0 for the whole lane if this isn't strictly adhered to - since I have no idea what the hell it means

Could you get them to clarify when the clock starts please?. If it's when your bum hits the bag and you're not allowed to pull strings or sight the target through your scope before you sit down, I understand that. But when does it start for a standing lane? When does it start if someone is shooting prone and is it permissible for people to cock and load their rifle before they sit down? Not that I would do that, but I'd like to be clear on the rules if there's a chance I could score 0 for a lane for someone elses mistake.
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