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EFTA are raising the following issues with the Chair of the WFTF

1) 3 separate courses as opposed to WFTF Core Rule 2.1

2) Position. For bull pup owners certainly it's impossible to have a foot behind the line and the muzzle over. Even with my 97k, it's marginal on a normal target position. Those shooting high mounts seem to have the biggest issue. WFTF Rule 2.6 already states what should be done. We have sent images with several Ex World Champs and other shooters showing the issue.

3) Optical Safety Signal. EFTA initial response is that it doesn't show clear if you have something actually in the barrel, Daystates still fire with the breech open, and springer shooters can't keep breeches open. Showing an open underlever does not prove a gun is safe anymore than something in the breech. Also raise the issue that those using carry boxes will not be able to do so if muzzle up is mandatory. Personal opinion is that it's a good thing, rifles should not be level when walking a course.

4) Power testing with one type of pellet. Creates a problem for people using 7.9 or 7.3 as they could be over if tested with 8.4's if they are close to 12 already. (springers can't just be turned down)

5) Penalties affecting 4 shooters for some offences, and not others

6) Changes to existing rules so late before the event.

I'd encourage shooters to ensure their WFTF reps are aware at least.

Will forward any feedback when i get it.
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