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Default GP7 Iceni - A thank you

Been a bit of a while since I have done any GPs, like Devon last year , and as Iceni is the club of one of our old members Barry ' Bazza' Warren it was nice to combine two things a GP shoot and a chat with Bazza.

To me I really enjoyed the challenge of the targets with the mixture of distance, elevation and reducers bang on. By that I mean the reducers not clumped together or just constant long targets. Positionals were well balanced with a difficult and easier one on each lane. A few whistles for what I think were strings getting stuck or breaking.

Started on lane 7 with the standers missing only 3 out of the next 14, feeling good and relaxed. Then hit the targets around the tower which become my battle ground missing 9 of the next 14. Missed 2 in the bottom section( both for wind) then the slog up the hill into the sun.

Missed both on lane 1 both splits at 9, then a bit of an oxo run. Finished on lane 6 the kneelers. Taking them standing I suprised myself getting the longer, then concentrated a bit on the short one only to miss it. Know it was me, but using the excuse I could hear the camera going.

It was not a completely calm day but enough of a breeze to drift a pellet outside of kill if you did not pay attention ( a good portion of my misses for that reason) and in the bottom section going the opposite way to me anyway. The sun came out in the afternoon which definately warmed the air a bit which gave e 2 high hit misses.

Time wise, well it just flew past, only when I looked at my phone after packing up, chatting and relaxing noticed it was 6pm and with a 3hr drivee we should have left a little bit earlier. Great banter had and a great shooting partner Ian Stoddart.

The one gripes I had, and they were minor and more an irritant than anything else, were:-
1, The mossies, despite liberal spraying of insect repellent I have a nice arc across the shoulder of 7 bites which are itching like made. Only felt one bite and that was like a hot needle which meant the back got another spraying of repellent.

2, Difficulty in finding a couple of the targets, the one in the tree about lane 21 is the one that sprung to mind. I found it, lost it found it then lost it again a few times. The number was clear enough just it merged with the tree a bit in the afternoon. Suspect more my technique and the shadow of the tree than the course layerouters .

3, The homeward traffic on A12

I hope that Iceni do not take offence to my gripes as if they hold it again next year I will still go again, but just with a stronger insect repellent.

So, thank you Iceni for a great shoot, Shaun for getting the results up quick and the BFTA for doing so much work over the year to hold these events.

Thank you and see you in Devon for the next one.
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