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Mine was shooting 1MOA high past 30, but then it had moved up by the same amount the day before. I'm not inclined to see this as atmospherics because Saturday was pretty stable conditions wise.

But the sudden jumping of MOA shifts across the entire range has been shown to be very likely the scope running out of travel on close targets where I was dialling up. It seemed the scope was clicking but not moving the ret, and when it came back down it wasn't picking up at the same point where it had left off. My 8 yd was 2 clicks shy of a jamming turret, and I know from other Hakko scopes that although they click, perhaps as much as the last turn and 1/2 does nothing to the reticule.

Not my best day, suspect windage or cant issue as I seemed to be giving much more than most... will investigate further. But the massive shifts that move fast with temperature seem to be behind me. My clicks for the day held all day, which has been the case since taking the bolts out.
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