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Originally Posted by Charlts View Post
Guilty as charged Ryan although Dave has been pictured in a dress so is probably even more girly than I am, with a slipped disc just getting down can be tough, sideways is definately the way to go although I am not sure the missus would appreciate me sharing anymore details

Originally Posted by MojoCrow View Post
These fella's know how to deal with a high target.
If that becomes a standard shot I want someone other than Daniel on my side, the juniors would really earn their extra points on that one

Originally Posted by MojoCrow View Post
Cliff, here's a more comfortable prone position for you; it's called Rice Paddy Prone.

Ben that's surely classed as a stander although in that instance it looks like a nappy may be a safer option! Isn't that ther position you have to assume to hit the target in a French lavatoire?

I think a good target is not defined by how far it stretches your body but by how far it stretches your grey matter.
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