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Originally Posted by berty177 View Post
Has to be said...

You all whine with the bet of them..

Are you lads going to buy one... Most probably not..

I know I shoot for air arms etc but at least their trying.

Are all you boys guns standard then are they bullucks.....

Mine isn't standard and far from it...

But at least the company is having a go.. You have to give them that...

I agree Berty, I mean how many 'limited edition' rifles have Daystate bought out in the last 2 years & people lap them up.. even knowing they either could be set to high or low from factory & the electrics could go up the wall any moment...
Hopefully this new rifle shoots as well as it looks, there will no doubt be teething problems, as there is with any new model.

I for one am looking forward to trying one when they are finished.

Those saying it looks like an EV3, well they were never going to go away from the style of stock were they, the action however is totally different from what I see, more sleek & curvy than the EV ever was. totally redesigned.. not just a blinged up version of a rifle already in production ! take off the blinkers..
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