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These fella's know how to deal with a high target.

Cliff, here's a more comfortable prone position for you; it's called Rice Paddy Prone.

Even the yanks appear to have problems.

Woe betide the course set out that results in these positions being used (some'll get you in trouble too).

Dave, is this something similar to the sideways slung prone position?

We might have to modify this position to keep it legal with the firing line in mind.

Anyway, what I'm getting at is simply that it feels like course setting can be like a seesaw between good target placement and good positional shooting. It would be a bit boring if, apart from the designated position pegs, we just stepped up to a peg, saw the target, adopted our position and shot at the target (hell, some of us just might dink or down it).

There have been some targets at some shoots that I've looked at and really enjoyed (even if I didn't hit anything, including the ground). There have even been some targets that have intimidated me and raised the pucker factor. All part of the HFT fun.
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