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Originally Posted by fireblade View Post
Your not very open minded are you conor?

jaded = yes

biased = definitely

Kill joy = most definitely

pessimist = Undoubtedly
Here you go Dave, or is it Paula? Suppose its whoever isn't doing the dishes

Originally Posted by Conor
What about a reg that doesn't leak, or need servicing at least once a year.
Perhaps even a decent two stage trigger with no creep.
The new rifle ( FTP 900 ( at the moment )), is in my understanding (direct from AA) will be a whole new rifle except for the barrel, which will be those which are currently in use on the MK4 EV2,

It will have a completely new ( much bigger and stronger/longer ) breech block, which will hold the barrel over an increased area for rigidity, longer machined scope rails, a new cocking side lever and bolt system, and the much improved trigger ( extra sears and adjustment ) will be a sealed system (from the elements) to stop the ingress of water and dirt.

The regulator is also a new improved system for reliability and consistancy.

the barrel will also be Double shrouded to combat barrel resonance and temperature fluctuation and finished off with an adjustable Air stripper.

the cylinder will be fillable by quick fill, with the ability to be removed for quick replacement ( a 20 micron air filter will also be incorporated to stop debris entering the system )

there will be a windicator, pressure gauge, 'maybe a spirit level?', and a "take it or leave it" barrel band for free floating or not ( your choice ).

The NEW stock ( when Minelli gets the supplies, should be a multi layered laminated in ...( im not going to tell you the colours wait and see ) the action will not be coloured like the EV2.

improved adjustments and height range on cheek piece hamster and new butt plate / hook system,

the pistol grip has a repositioned cut thumb up groove for a more natural placement, it also incorporates a palm swell and adjustable palm shelf and the whole stock will be 'cast off' ( a difficult and expensive thing to do ) for the right handed shooter.

a left handed stock will be available at a later unspecified date, due to the minimum quantity requirement for production ( so if your left handed and want one, then club together and put in a bulk order and it might happen sooner rather than later )

and all this Will work straight out of the box,

( unlike a Steyrr, which needs a lot of work to get it to shoot correctly )

and all of this will be for less than the price of a Steyr/Walther etc.

also to quell, rumours it is not based on an AA 510 or a steyr, it is ALL NEW and has been designed for...

FIELD TARGET with the assistance of Respected Field Target Shooters.

I'm getting two for me and the missus
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